Marcel Diki-Kidiri
Linguist, Academician from the African language Academy MAYA, YSB SÄNGÖ network, Circle of the central african intellectuals.

I heard about SIRIRI quite recently and I was very surprised to discover an NGO totally dedicated to very concrete and effective action to help a population devastated by war and by the misery which always goes with it.  Indeed, no less than 200 humanitarian NGOs have rushed to the bedside of the Central African Republic in ruins, sick of a blind and totally unjustifiable civil war that started in 2012. A lot of these NGOs come and go. SIRIRI and its partners have made the rash choice of taking on a tough and long term task: giving thousands of children a chance to go to school.

When we know that almost all the primary schools have been destroyed and that each of these children is somehow a victim of the war, we can measure the height of the challenge that SIRIRI has launched. Beginning modestly in 2015 in a context of very high insecurity, the project “Learning through play in the Central African Republic” has become by its success a model for educational reform which is often deemed to be impossible in the Central African Republic, and above all a hope for the future. Each generation is said to be another people. It is certain that children who complete all their schooling in SIRIRI’s “Learning by play” program will have a different view of their country and of life than that of their parents. Hopefully, with the help of many partners and supporters, the generalization of SIRIRI’s teaching methods to all schools in the country will become a reality.

Marie Kinsky
Marie Kinsky, dancer, choreographer, director of the choreographic center SE.S.TA and the KoresponDance movement arts festival

At a time when countries wonder about the adequacy of education system in relation to life today, let’s admire what is being done in the Central African Republic thanks to SIRIRI’s program ‘Learning through play in the CAR’.

Starting from almost nothing, in a country where writing and reading is a luxury learnt in a language which is not the one spoken by children, this project is innovative,  and fun. It brings together the need for knowledge and pleasure of learning, based on different principles but ones that will bring enjoyment to learning.

Offering a wide range of teaching  possibilities and therefore as complex as it is complete, the project benefits from the creativity of the artists who are involved and the quality of their sketches… sound concepts and … the smile of happy children …everything is there!

We can learn a lot from this experience! Let’s write and read about it … in sango?

A project we can support with pleasure!

Václav Hampl
Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, former Rector of Charles University

For more than ten years, SIRIRI has been sustaining development in a country that unfortunately remains unknown in the Czech Republic. One of the main activities of this non-governmental organization is the educational program “Learning through play in CAR”. Thanks to this program, SIRIRI is willing to transmit knowledge, skills and competences with tools adapted to the children of this country suffering from poverty and violence, whose education system ranks among the worst in the world . In this way, not only with the title of its  teaching program, but also with its actions, SIRIRI walks in the  footsteps of “learning through play” dear to Comenius, that is to say demonstrative, systematic and pro-active processes that contribute to enlarge the children’s education, which in the future will have a beneficial effect on the development of the country.