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Promoting development of those “who have been forgotten by donors”, i.e. poor countries somewhere outside the interest expressed by other humanitarian organisations and official support; promoting those who, however, aren’t able to get by without support “from the outside”; informing and educating to some reflexion in favour of development; raising awareness of our shared responsibility for the situation in Africa.

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To perform sustainable-development projects in the Central African Republic (CAR) in cooperation with a local and respectable partner-establishment; The basic objective of all SIRIRI projects is to accompany CAR inhabitants in gaining their autonomy with respect to external assistance – “help them stand on their own feet“. SIRIRI tries hard to support the CAR’s natural and human potential.

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SIRIRI has been helping the Central African Republic since 2006 and in fact, every single intervention depends on your support. Help us to help!

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Approximately twenty people take part in activities of our public-beneficial establishment SIRIRI. The majority of them are volunteers compared to the number of employees which is equivalent to 2.5 of full-time jobs. Some members of the team have been taking care of coordinating special spheres of activity for a long time. The others take part in different activities and invest their work and energy to perform different topical actions and projects.
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