SIRIRI has met a number of personalities to introduce SIRIRI activities and actions to them. All the personalities were impressed by our institution’s work and expressed their support to SIRIRI in a few words. You can read below their words of support.

Pavel Fischer
Member of SIRIRI Board of Directors, a former diplomat (2003-2013), ex-director of STEM institute

I discovered SIRIRI when I was a Czech ambassador in France. We thought together with the organisers of a particular campaign on collecting used eyeglasses how to quickly forward boxes filled with cleaned and sorted-out eyeglasses to their users in need. France, as a country being traditionally intensively bound to the Central African Republic, presented itself as an appropriate supporting base for that.

It turned up in the course of time that this wasn’t going to be that easy. Nevertheless, we found out that our partners considered the Czech Republic as a country whose inhabitants aren’t indifferent to what happens in other continents. The enthusiasm of students at Czech schools for taking part in that project was contagious. I finally witnessed how SIRIRI built bridges between people who had never met in Europe.

I’m happy that SIRIRI is currently making an ABC book for young children and that I can be part thereof. Being a member of SIRIRI Board of Directors, it’s very clear to me at first hand that it doesn’t take much so the things making sense can happen. As well, teaching approaches literally involve all Jan Amos Comenius’s colourful methods. After all, the world is full of colours, particularly in the Central African Republic.

Aurelio Gazzera
Italian missionary in CAR, OCD

I have a lot of good reason to work with the NGO SIRIRI. First of all, their capacity to understand the context in which they work, that comes from a deap knowledge of local environnement. Their capacity to understand when to act. The tact. The precision. The different kind of fields in which SIRIRI intervenes…SIRIRI’s members are able to answer to local needs. We all are rewarded by what is the biggest wealth in this central African country and by the most precious thing in the world : the smiles.

Tomáš Sedláček

Helping people in the least developed countries is a duty of the richest countries. More than 20 years after the velvet revolution, it’s necessary to become aware of the fact that the Czech Republic belongs to the richest part of the planet. I’m grateful to all those who are conscious of that. I’m happy for establishments and institutions doing their best to contribute as efficiently as possible in supporting poor countries’ development. SIRIRI acting in the Central African Republic is resolutely part of such bodies.

In particular, I appreciate SIRIRI’s cooperation with a local partner organisation in place which helps them meet genuine needs. SIRIRI isn’t like a super hero falling from the sky, solving just a problem, to disappear after that. SIRIRI’s bravery consists in its perseverance and their thoughtful and long-term approach. Thanks for all your enthusiasm! You have my respect and my support.

Jan Sokol
Philosopher, signatory of Charter 77

The active interest in the countries being poor – underdeveloped to be politically correct – is an element which is infinitely important while showing civic maturity of our era. In fact, it expresses “global” interdependency defining our age. It takes part in our wealth and simultaneously hides the risks rather hidden until now. It brings direct help, even if being fragmented, to “target” countries – particularly in Africa. It’s even more important to me that there’s an interest itself, human empathy going beyond economic “interests”. Nevertheless, experiencing human misery is the most important thing because only face-to-face, we – pampered European people – can welsh on our own infantile sorrows, evaluate our own “troubles” in view of their true value to orient ourselves in this strange and unique period of time in which we live.

Maturity, after all, doesn’t just mean claiming one’s own freedoms and requirements; maturity doesn’t begin until a human being starts taking their responsibilities more seriously. The official “support to development” provided by rich countries to the poorest ones and the poorest people in the world would be meaningless if it wasn’t accompanied by that human interest in knowing and helping. Whatever concern one might have or whatever difficult duty this might seem, it’s a very nice opportunity for every one getting engaged in such an activity. As André Gide wrote, “the happiness of man doesn’t consist in his liberty but in accepting his duty”.

Tomáš Halík
Professor at Charles University, President of the Czech Christian Academy and Rector of the Church of the Most Holly Saviour

In the few lines below, I would like to support NGO SIRIRI’s precious efforts. To remind those of us not being starving, I would like to remark that there’s our co-responsibility for those who starve to death without our solidarity. I personally know the organisers of those activities and I have confidence in their worthy work. They contribute to making our world more human and help our contribution – whatever modest it can be – support the wellbeing.

Václav Malý

Na naší planetě se bohužel nachází ještě mnoho přezíraných území . Jedním ze států, o němž skoro nic nevíme, je Středoafrická republika, bývalá francouzská kolonie. Patří k nejchudším zemím na světě. Polovina obyvatel je negramotná. Zdravotní péče zdaleka neodpovídá akutním potřebám. Těší mě, že se mezi námi najdou lidé, jimž není lhostejný úděl tamních obyvatel. Založili neziskovou organizaci SIRIRI, která už několik let podporuje tamní školství, zdravotnictví a zemědělství. Tito nezištní dobrovolníci  pomohli např. vybudovat centrum pro sirotky a přispívají na jeho provoz. Financují provoz ambulance a studia dvou mladých mediků. Pomoc je cílená a žádný finanční obnos nepřijde nazmar ani se neztratí v kapsách nepoctivých jedinců. Už 40 let působí v této zapomenuté zemi misie bosých karmelitánů, která je spolehlivým partnerem našich dobrovolníků. Pokládám činnost i způsob pomoci SIRIRI za chvályhodnou iniciativu, která si zaslouží nejen větší pozornost, ale především morální i materiální podporu. Je nepatetickou solidaritou s nejpotřebnějšími, která činí náš svět lidštějším.


Unfortunately, there are still numerous territories suffering in our planet. One of those countries that we know almost nothing about is the Central African Republic, a former French colony. It’s part of the poorest countries in the world. One half of its population are illiterate people. Medical treatment doesn’t correspond at all to acute needs. I’m happy that there are such people among us who aren’t indifferent towards those communities. They founded NGO SIRIRI that has been supporting both educational and medical systems and agriculture for several years. For example, those generous benefactors helped construct an orphanage and have been contributing to its functioning. They also finance a medical centre and studies of two young doctors. The assistance is targeted and no financial contribution is either wasted or lost in pockets of unscrupulous individuals. There’s a mission of the Order of the Discalced Carmelites that has been acting in this forgotten country for more than 40 years who’s a creditable partner for our volunteers. I think that SIRIRI’s actions and the way of their acting are a trustworthy initiative that doesn’t just deserve our raised attention, but also our moral and material assistance. SIRIRI expresses solidarity without any pathos with those who are most in need; that solidarity making our world more human.