Main partner of SIRIRI – missionaries

The cornerstone of the activity of SIRIRI is the cooperation with the partner organization directly in the Central African Republic. A partner of SIRIRI is the mission of the Discalced Carmelites – which has been operating in CAR for thirty years already. This is more than any government, longer than any non-governmental organization. A great deal of foreign organizations promoting the development of CAR left the country because of the armed conflicts in recent years, the Missions is one of the very few organizations which survived in the territory.

The missionaries supply SIRIRI with the reports on the existing needs and they inform on the situation of the environment they are familiar with. In addition, they supervise the correct use of aid – all the assistance funds are not diverted ” just somewhere” but directly to the attention of particular hands of responsible people. The influence of missionaries on the local community, their knowledge of the conditions at a given location and the current situation represent a significant advantage for SIRIRI.

FoRS – Czech Forum for Development Cooperation

The Czech Forum for Development Cooperation is a platform that brings together nearly forty organizations operating in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

SIRIRI was acknowledged to join the FoRS in January 2007 as an observer organization. In May 2010, it became a full member of the association.

fors is the only and a unique project of its kind in the Czech Republic. The ambitions of the Donors Forum is to provide everybody with the instructions on how to become a proper and a responsible donor. The project inspects and recommends key non-profit organizations and it is unique in the fact that it does not ask for money from you, but it gives you the possibility to choose yourself and reassures you that you donate in the right and desired way. Therefore, if you choose from the proven organizations labelled by, you cannot make a mistake.

The Donors Forum is a single nationwide association covering the donors within the Czech Republic. Donors Forum has been building the system of donating successfully for over 12 years. Another of our projects includes DMS – donor SMS, through which the donors have contributed more than CZK 250 million. The Association of Foundations, the Association of Endowment Funds and a Club of Corporate Donors Donator, they all operate under the Donors Forum.


Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce

The Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce, founded in March 1996, is a platform for the development of the French-Czech community, commercial and cultural relations between the two countries and at the same time a supporter of the idea of a united Europe. SIRIRI has been an associate member of the Chamber since September 2016.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Czech Development Agency

SIRIRI is supported by the means of the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the framework of the foreign development cooperation.