Year 2022

Monitoring trip to the Central African Republic (CAR)

After a two-years break caused by the pandemic, the trip was carried out with great effort. The new director Jana Škubalová went there to represent SIRIRI. The main objective was to visit all partners and supported projects. It was a big surprise that Central African teachers independently took over the pilot program Learning through Play in the CAR, which they continue to do despite the pandemic and without any financial and technical support.

The event “We are not alone in the world” again for SIRIRI

The Břevnov Scouts invited us again to their very popular and well-attended event. We participated with a sales stand. A raffle was also organized for the benefit of our project of a day care center for orphans in Bozoum. The profit was CZK 68,543.

Marigolds for Africa

5 schools from all over the country were involved in the cultivation of seedlings of marigolds, tomatoes and basil. A hundred children took part in the project, for whom we also organized a dozen screenings of photographs from Africa followed by a debate or tailor-made activities. The profit from the sale of seedlings amounted to almost CZK 30,000.

Opening of a dialysis centre in Bangui

In May, the first dialysis centre in the CAR opened its doors. This happened thanks to the return of Dr. Cédric Ouanekpone, a physician, after his studies in France. He was the first student that SIRIRI supported already 13 years ago. Patients with both acute and chronic renal insufficiency have now the opportunity to be treated in their own country. For the poorest among them who need acute short-term care, SIRIRI has provided a first aid fund.

SIRIRI on TV, radio and conferences

In June, Ludmila Böhmová was a guest on the Good Morning show on ČT2 (National channel). She also participated in a round table at the 7 Hills conference in Prague. In September, you could hear Dr. Cédric Ouanekpone in the Vertical show on Czech Radio.

Summer events for the public

After a three-year break, we were able to sell our goods again at the Catholic Charismatic Conference in Brno, where we sold goods for CZK 98,905. Other stalls were at the JUMP XL youth camp in Kostelní Vydří and as part of the African weekend in the Dvůr Králové Zoo. There, visitors could try out various games and knowledge competitions. Both stalls raised CZK 16,133. In September, we had a meeting with our partners, who were in Prague for a week. About 30 people came to the meeting with five of them. During the meeting, there was also the premiere of a short presentation video, which is located on our website.

Exhibition in Café Nezisk, Prague and a visit of Dr. Cédric

Throughout August, passers-by and customers of Café Nezisk had the opportunity to see a sample of our e-shop, a small exhibition about CAR and our activities. Dr. Cédric Ouanekpone visited Prague for a second time for a few days and met with interested people in Café Nezisk. He discussed with them mainly the situation in his country. Cooperation with Café Nezisk brought 7799 CZK.

Continuation of Learning through Play in the CAR

At the end of the summer, at the request of Central African teachers, two trainings took place – one in the city of Bozoum and the other in Baoro. Compared to previous years, when teams from Europe came to train, the organization and course of the training was taken into the hands of the most skilful and trained local teachers. SIRIRI provided them with support in the form of a supervisor/coach, one of the previous European trainers, M. Thameur Debouba. The training was attended by 100 Central African teachers. After the end of the rainy season, four schools received didactic drawings on their walls.

Material help for CAR

We also sent some material help that we were asked for. It was 5 boxes of medical supplies, which we obtained thanks to cooperation with the Liberec Zoo. Women from rural areas asked us for wool and yarn from which they learn to knit and crochet. In this way, they learn a new craft and contribute to the family budget. We collected a total of 5 boxes of wool from Czech donors.

African Christmas

During Advent time, our stall with goods decorated several Advent markets. In Tuchoměřice near Prague, the exhibition “African Christmas” for children from the local library took place. In addition to photographs, nativity scenes and objects from Africa, the exhibition also included pictures of children from the library. As part of the exhibition, they also had a screening of photographs about African Christmas.

Year 2021

New e-shop

During the summer, a new e-shop was launched, which does not lag behind with new trends of online shopping. Customers will find a new collection of women’s, men’s and children’s T-shirts, notebooks and pouches made of African fabrics. It is possible to pay online by card and have the goods sent not only by post, but also via “Zásilkovna” (local transport provider). The sale of charity goods is an integral part of financing activities and has helped to bridge the period of limited sales at stands.

We have been here for 15 years!

In April, the 6 founders, together with one of the Central African missionaries, commemorated the creation of the organization. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event took place in an intimate spirit. During the event, thanks were given to all supporters for their long-term support and to all co-workers and volunteers for their work. Together, we have supported projects for almost CZK 20 million !

Block of experts and events for the public

Also this year, some events have moved online. This also brought its advantages – e.g. the opportunity to invite our partners from the Central African Republic as speakers. During the block of experts at the Caritas College in Olomouc, students could listen to their stories online without any of them having to travel thousands of kilometers.

Continuation of projects without the possibility of visiting them

The long-term projects have continued, although most of them to a more limited extent – due to the current crisis, we have had to reduce budgets for some of them. The program Learning through Play in CAR remained suspended, only online training and sharing of materials took place for the Finnish organization Finn Church Aid. Unfortunately, due to the impossibility of traveling, it was not possible to visit the projects this year.

Immediate help to refugees

At the beginning of the year, there were again riots in the Central African Republic, causing 15,000 people to take refuge in mission areas. Thanks to regular donors, we were able to quickly release funds for the missing food.

Visit of Dr. Cedric in Prague

In September, Cédric Ouanekpone, a student we had supported for a long time, came for the first time for a visit. He had just spent a few months in France as part of his medical studies to complete a specialization in nephrology. During his short stay with us, he met members and supporters of our organization and was interviewed on Czech Radio Plus.

Year 2020

Impacts of the pandemic

Africa recorded less than 5% of the world’s COVID-19 infections in 2020. However, many African developing countries are particularly affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic. SIRIRI had to adopt a number of cost-saving measures, which had an impact especially on the organization’s personnel and operating costs. For security and financial reasons, the program Learning through Play in CAR had to be suspended.

However, cespite the difficult financial situation, SIRIRI continued its activities in CAR – it helped orphans, supported the study of women and future car mechanics, provided scholarships for talented high school and university students, sent some support to medical staff and immediate humanitarian aid for people in need.

Achievements of the Learning through Play programme

In May 2020, a strategic document for the department of education in CAR was published. It covers the period from 2020 to 2029. It is a nationwide educational plan. The document mentions the SIRIRI organization and its educational program Learning through Play in CAR. Originally a local program carried out by a small Czech non-profit organization in selected schools in two prefectures of the CAR, had become part of the official policy of the Central African Republic in the field of education.

Continuation of the program Learning through Play in CAR

SIRIRI approached organizations operating in the Central African Republic in the field of education with an offer to use its program. Two well-established international organizations that have been active in CAR for a long time have shown interest.

Continuation of support

SIRIRI continues to maintain contact with all partners in the CAR, although it is very complicated during the global pandemic. SIRIRI responded to help requests , such as the completion of the school roof in Bouar, the contribution to the operation of the eye centre in Bouar, or the provision of a blood pressure measuring machine for Dr. Cedric Ouanekpone. The need to create a first aid fund in Yolé also proved to be urgent.

A book about history of SIRIRI has been published “Komenský by zajásal” 

In November, a book by co-founder Ludmila Böhmová was published,  etitled “Komenský by zajásal” (Comenius would rejoice), which deals with the origin and development of the organization, as well as personal involvement of founders. The book was published by Doron, edited by psychologist and publicist Kateřina Lachmanová. The book includes commentaries and shorter texts from current or former collaborators of the organization.

Year 2019

Evaluation trip to the CAR with a photographer

At the beginning of January, a three-member group of SIRIRI representatives went to the Central African Republic (CAR): Ludmila Böhmová, the initiator of the educational program Learning through Play in the CAR, Veronika Boháčová, the new coordinator of this program, and Jiří Pasz, photographer / journalist. Ms. Veronika Boháčová, returned home after a three-month stay.

Marigolds for Africa continue

We continue with the “Marigolds for Africa” awareness project, in which pupils learn about the Central African Republic, the developing world and are invited to help. The participating classes grow plants that they sell to parents and friends of the school at the end of the year. The money raised is used for the activities of the SIRIRI organization.

In April, we commemorate the founding of SIRIRI

We celebrated 13 years since the founding of the organization in the Letná Water Tower. During the evening, photographer Jiří Pasz showed the first series of photographs from the Central African Republic, from which he is preparing a unique exhibition. In the same month, we were invited to a charity event of the Břevnov Scouts “We Are Not Alone in the World”. The profit of the event was donated to SIRIRI.

The fifth year of teacher training and its preparations

We carry out the pedagogical, safety and health preparation leaflet for volunteer trainers. They travel to CAR in August to give training in the towns of Bozoum and Bouar. A total of 239 teachers are participating in the two cities. 25 selected Central African co-trainers collaborate on the programme with 11 European trainers. At the same time, specialized courses in mathematics and reading with comprehension are newly included in the training. The programme coordinator, Veronika Boháčová, is staying in the Central African Republic for a long-term stay.

Police Symphony Orchestra performs for SIRIRI

The Police Symphony Orchestra organizes a series of benefit concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad. In each city, the orchestra will support a selected non-profit organization or local initiative. For their concert in Prague, the organizers chose SIRIRI and especially the program Learning through Play in CAR.

Charity run for SIRIRI

In the Hvězda reserve, CZK 102,664 was raised as part of the charity run of the French Lyceum in Prague.

End-of-year activities

The Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, organizes the sale of products of the charity shop on its premises in Prague-Jinonice. The faculty offers its students sales in the form of part-time jobs. The Na Popelce Art School organizes a traditional benefit concert in support of SIRIRI in the Church of the Infant Jesus of Prague. A total of CZK 61,208 was collected.

Year 2018

Five million for Central African health

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic has decided to support a centre for HIV/AIDS patients and the construction of a new eye centre in the Central African Republic. Both medical facilities are very unique there. Specialized health centers are located only in the capital city, and access to health care is almost inaccessible to rural residents.

Evaluation trip to the CAR

In March 2018, SIRIRI representatives visited CAR again, saw the work in 26 classes of trained teachers and tested the knowledge of 842 pupils. The results were encouraging, and the evaluation report includes recommendations for future training. At the same time, a week-long training of 73 students of the Jean Paul II Pedagogical Institute took place in Bangui. In August 2018, two trainings took place in the cities of Bozoum and Bouar.

The winner of the Heartthrob category was Ludmila Böhmová

Via Foundation honored those who help others. The winners were decided by the public with their votes in an online vote. During the gala evening the price Via Bona in the Heartthrob category was Ludmila Böhmová, co-founder of the SIRIRI organization and initiator of the educational program Learning through Play in the Central African Republic.

SIRIRI received another award – for fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the SDGs Awards, a unique award for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Czech Republic, were presented at the Czernin Palace in Prague. The Czech Development Agency Award was awarded to the non-profit organization SIRIRI with its project Learning through Play in the Central African Republic.

Pavel Frelich, Director of the Czech Development Agency, adds: “What we appreciated about this innovative project was that Central African teachers also collaborated on its preparation and thus corresponds to what Central African education really needs. This project, based on the ideas of J. A. Comenius, has a high standard of pedagogy of the 21st century and has already addressed about 20,000 pupils and several hundred local teachers. In addition, interest in it is increasing.”

The award was given to the initiator of the educational program Learning through Play in the CAR, Ludmila Böhmová, and the expert guarantor of the program and director of the “Meaningful School” in Karlín, Jan Korda.

Campaign “Teachers in schools, not in the fields!”

A good teacher in the CAR has to prepare for teaching, which takes time. But because money is short, teachers have to spend their free time working in the fields so that the family has enough to eat. Since the launch of the Learning through Play educational program in 2015, SIRIRI has been working closely with many teachers. During one of the meetings, the teachers asked the representatives of SIRIRI for support. Therefore, we have decided to provide a support of CZK 2,000 to 25 selected teachers. In his acceptance speech of the headmaster of the Bakanja Primary School in Bozoum, it was said that this is the first bonus that these teachers have received in education!

Trainers went to CAR

In August 2018, two training sessions took place in Bozoum and Bouar. The courses were led by 14 European and 25 Central African trainers, with 230 teachers from 90 different schools participating in the training. 250 Pedagogical Guides and 500 sets of letters and numbers were distributed.

Charity run in support of Central African schoolchildren

The French Lyceum in Prague organized a traditional charity run for the benefit of SIRIRI. The run took place in the Hvězda Reserve on Saturday, October 13, with almost CZK 100,000 raised.

Christmas Mass at the Church of the Infant Jesus in Prague

In December, the traditional benefit concert of the Czech Christmas Mass by J. J. Ryba took place under the baton of the Na Popelce Art School, held in the Church of Our Lady Victorious (Infant Jesus of Prague). The profit from the voluntary admission fee supported the activities of SIRIRI – the high school in Bozoum. The proceeds were CZK 61,132.

Year 2017

SIRIRI received a grant for the project “Santé” (healthcare) in the CAR

For the fourth year in a row, SIRIRI has succeeded in applying for a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic for the Santé project, within which this year has supported a center for patients infected with HIV/AIDS with amount of CZK 4.4 million.

Continuation of Learning through Play in the CAR

The director of SIRIRI, Fabrice Martin, and the initiator of the Learning through Play program, Ludmila Böhmová, have returned from a three-week trip to the Central African Republic. There they visited 20 schools, tested knowledge of 1,000 pupils and drove 2,000 km on Central African roads, which are in terrible condition.

Preparing a new reading book

After the spelling book, schoolchildren will need a follow-up textbook in their native language. The team of the project was working on the preparation of the reading book: pedagogical experts (Jan Korda, Václava Bratinková), artists (David Böhm and Jiří Franta), graphic designer (Adéla Svobodová) and representatives of SIRIRI (Fabrice Martin, Ludmila Böhmová and Estelle de Montard). The authors of the texts are Central African teachers.

Marigolds in Czech schools

Five primary schools participated in the “Marigolds for Africa” project. First, the classrooms were sowing marigold seeds, tomatoes and other herbs. After sowing, the pupils have the task of taking care of the plants – watering them and transplanting them in time. In each of the schools, pupils sell their products to their parents and friends of the school at various school events. Profit from the events are donated to SIRIRI projects.

Twelve Czech and French volunteers trained in the CAR

In August 2017, 12 European volunteers trained in Bozoum, together with 12 selected Central African trainers. They led a course for 244 teachers from 62 schools in two districts (including 42 interns, 8 inspectors and principals). They brought 5,000 spelling books, 600 sets of letters, 250 living alphabets to the CAR.

SIRIRI was invited to the Festival of Democracy within Forum 2000

As part of the Festival of Democracy, which is an accompanying program of this year’s Forum 2000 conference, SIRIRI participated in a panel discussion on the topic: “From spelling book to the participation in the life of society: teachers and pupils in the Central African Republic learn democracy”.

Christmas Mass at the Church of the Infant Jesus in Prague

The traditional concert of the Czech Christmas Mass by J. J. Ryba was organized by the art school “Na Popelce”. Thanks to the admissions of spectators, we were able to raise funds for the printing of 650 spelling books for 2000 Central African children!

Year 2016

The opening ceremony of the programme Learning by Play in CAR

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the foundation of the organization the French Ambassador launched an educational programme Learning by Play for the Central African Republic in Palais Buquoy, which has become a flagship project of SIRIRI.

The evaluation of the pilot project

The initiators of the project Learning by Play in CAR, Ludmila Böhmová and Vojtěch Bílý went into the town of Bozoum in CAR to evaluate the pilot project. They are coming back with fantastic results when more than 80% of the first class pupils can read and write in the language sango before the end of the school year. In CAR the Czech representatives met the Minister of Education and Foreign Affairs to sanctify a new method of education. Furthermore, they met the French Ambassador in CAR Mr. Malinas who supported the project by granting the total amount of EUR 20,000. During the journey to Africa Vojtěch and Ludmila were invited to the Czech Embassy in Nigeria, where actually the Central African Republic belongs to territorially.

Preparation of new aids

SIRIRI was preparing for the September expedition of trainers to CAR for 140 Central-African teachers. A new revised edition of a primer in the language of sango was prepared, which was illustrated by an artist David Böhm and a graphic designer Adéla Svobodová. The primer was printed in a Cameroon printing house. A set of letters, which each and every primary pupil in the Czech Republic knows and they are able to create their own first words, were printed in the Czech Republic in the total amount of copies of 48,000 sets; the sets were cut and sorted by the SIRIRI volunteers with the help of American volunteers of the programme Remote Year and other friends of SIRIRI.

Ten Czechs depart for CAR

In mid-September a group of ten Czechs leaves for CAR. This group comprises eight French-speaking trainers and two visual artists – David Böhm and Jiří Franta who on the basis of the pre-discussions with the Czech educational experts and Central African teachers shall decorate the class with the wall didactic artwork.

Year 2015

SIRIRI in a documentary of the Czech Television

Czech Television broadcast a documentary on SIRIRI within the series the Czechs on Missions.

A book of the volunteer at SIRIRI on the conflict in CAR

The Portal publishing house published a book of Vojtěch Bílý and Alena Scheinostová “When mango is falling down”.

Fund-raising run Praha-Bozoum for the third time

In May, the third year of the fund-raising run Praha – Bozoum took place.

A four-member expedition to CAR and the launching of the pilot project Learning by Play in Bozoum

Four members of SIRIRI went to CAR for 2 weeks. Two of the members of the expedition – Ludmila Böhmová and Vojtěch Bílý in the cooperation with the missionary O. Aurelius Gazzera launched a pilot educational project Learning by Play in Bozoum.

The art helps

A benefit auction of works of art took place in the Gallery in Bethlehem Chapel.

The first training for teachers in the framework of the project Learning by Play in Bozoum

Ludmila Böhmová and Vojtěch Bílý left for CAR to launch a pilot project Learning by Play in Bozoum.

A Czech bishop in Central African Republic

A Czech bishop Monsignor Václav Malý accompanied by Ludmila Böhmová and Karol Böhm visited the Central African Republic. The representatives of SIRIRI handed over historically the first modern primers in the language of sango to the teachers and children.

Year 2014

New projects

The construction of bridges in Yole and building of a well in Bangui were supported.

Tinderbox price for a volunteer from SIRIRI

The founder of SIRIRI Ludmila Böhmová was awarded for her voluntary activity with a prize Tinderbox.

Fund-raising run Praha-Bozoum for the second time

We organised a second annual successful charity run, thanks to which we were able to support a number of our partners in the Central African Republic.

Vojtěch Bílý is returning from CAR

Vojtěch Bílý returned from CAR after 10 months and conveys to the public how his voluntary work of a teacher changed as a result of the civil war.

Year 2013

The construction of a student hostel in CAR

Two founders of SIRIRI Karol and Ludmila Böhm went to Bozoum in the period from January to February to built a hostel for students of a secondary school.

Fund-raising run Praha-Bozoum

In May the first year of fund-raising run Praha-Bozoum took place at the Prague Ladronka. In total there were 183 runners

Documentary on SIRIRI

In June a documentary on CAR and SIRIRI was shot in CAR for the Czech Television within the cycle on the Czechs on Missions.

Departure of a volunteer to CAR

In September a volunteer Vojtěch Bílý departed for Central-African city of Bozoum to work there as teacher of biology and sports at a missionary school and work there in a day care centre for orphans for a period of one school year.

The humanitarian donations

SIRIRI sent several humanitarian donations to CAR during the year. It was a help in resolving the vast humanitarian crisis that occurred as a result of a military coup d’état. They also handed over two wheelchairs as a donation.

Year 2012

Czech doctor in CAR

In April a Czech dentist Věra Svobodová left for CAR for a period of five weeks as a volunteer at SIRIRI and she worked in the dental practice in Bozoum.

Visit of the missionaries

In June missionaries from CAR visited the Czech Republic to take part in a fund-raising concert organized by SIRIRI in the Church of Our Lady of the Snows in Prague.

Cooperation with doctors

SIRIRI initiated a cooperation with doctors directly in CAR to support the treatment of ocular defects. A generator for the eye centre in Bossangoa was purchased.

The School for Car Mechanics

Missionaries asked SIRIRI for their help to support a new project for a School for Car Mechanics in Baoru. In the first year 12 students applied to study a one year course, 9 students finished the school successfully with a diploma.

Year 2011

School in Bozoum

In January two founders of SIRIRI Karol and Ludmila Böhm went to CAR for a period of four months to initiate the construction of a secondary school in Bozoum. The building was completed in September, when both of the two representatives of SIRIRI took part in the finalizing works and then the opening ceremony of the school.

Lectures and meetings

SIRIRI has been represented in a total of 54 events for the public this year. The estimate says that more than 80,000 people were invited.

The sale of the T-shirts Hand in Hand

A booth offering the sale of T-shirts was presented f.e. at the festivals United Islands in Prague, Colors of Ostrava, but also in many other places.

Development Coffee

Since October 2010 SIRIRI creates a platform for informal sharing of the representatives of the people working in the field of development cooperation in the framework of the project Development Coffee. In 2011 this activity continues to develop in cooperation with FORS, it is supported by grants of the Czech Development Agency.

Year 2010

First employee of SIRIRI

In January SIRIRI was allocated historically the first grant from MFA CR to support the capacity of non-profit organizations within which the work of one of the representatives of SIRIRI – the director – was funded for the first time. The director had worked on a voluntary basis by that time as well as the whole team.

Marigolds for Africa

At the Prague elementary schools Kladská and Hanspaulka an educational activity took place under the baton of Pavel Škopek in the form of planting the plants for Africa.


In September a student of the agricultural faculty and a volunteer of SIRIRI Pavel Škopek left for five months to Africa. For a shorter expedition Jan Böhm and Terezie Böhmová followed him.

Support for SIRIRI

SIRIRI was expressed the support of the important personalities – Tomáš Sedláček, Pavel Fischer, Jan Sokol, Václav Malý and Tomáš Halík. SIRIRI started a co-operation with the Faculty of Studies of Art at Charles University.

Year 2009

Trip to CAR

Two of the founding fathers – Karol Böhm and Marcel Drlík – made a short trip to Africa. They brought and handed over an ultrasound device to the local hospital in Bozoum. They also brought crayons and small gifts for a care centre as a gift from the pupils of the basic school Kladská; on behalf of SIRIRI, they handed over the money to the missionaries for the operating of the care centre.

New projects

Actually two new projects were approved. The first one is the financial support of the health centre in Baoro where the operation is ensured by two Italian health care professionals. The second one is the support for two students of medicine coming from the Central Africa.

Lectures on experience in the CAR

After Terezie Böhmová returned from her ten-month stay in CAR, she subsequently led a series of lectures and presentations on her experience from the territory.

Success of the project With a T-shirt for Africa

The company DELIKOMAT purchased 1,700 T-shirts for their employees and partners from SIRIRI, the t-shirts are decorated with motifs of fine artists, thereby the company supported the projects SIRIRI with the total amount of CZK 340,000.

Year 2008

Series of lectures and presentations

From February until April SIRIRI held a series of lectures, e.g. for students on the ground of the Masaryk University or in the parish of Domažlice.

Trees for Africa

SIRIRI began to support a new project Trees for Africa, which has for many years been realized by missionaries in Bangui. It provides work for the local people, teaches them to plant and process fruits and wood, it contributes to the use of the fertile soil of Central Africa and helps to restore the cleared areas of virgin forests.

First long-term mission

At the beginning of September a volunteer of SIRIRI Terezie Böhmová went to the Central African Republic. During her year stay she participated in teaching in the college in Bozoum and she worked in the day care centre for orphans in the construction and operation of which SIRIRI shows great commitment.

Year 2007

Observer status in the Czech Forum for Development Cooperation

SIRIRI won the observer status in the Czech Forum for Development Cooperation. At the same time the director of SIRIRI was appointed.

Fund-raising concert

In January we held a fund-raising concert in Prague club Rock Café to support the project of a day care centre.

Well for Street Children

We expanded the public collection of money intended for the project Well for Street Children; the well be drilled for the humanitarian organization Voix du Coeur in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic.

Meeting the missionary

The missionary father Aurelio Gazzera from CAR who controls the project of a day care centre in addition to his many activities, he also visited the Czech Republic and met with the representatives of SIRIRI during his stay in Europe.

With a T-shirt for Africa

Under the slogan “Enjoy yourself, help the others” we launched a fund-raising sale of T-shirts, the purchase of which supports the projects of SIRIRI.

Africa in Žďár nad Sázavou and in Slaný

Two educational events (in April and June), which were aimed to inform the public through the form of an evening program in two regional towns with development issue and give them the awareness of shared responsibility for the issue of poor countries.

Glasses for Africa

There was a call for the collection of the second hand eyeglasses for the Central African Republic, which became extremely successful later on.

Year 2006

Establishment of SIRIRI o.p.s.

In April 2006 six founders established the public benefit organization SIRIRI: doctor Marcel Drlík, Carmelites O. Petr Glogar OCD and O. Anastasio Roggero OCD, a couple Ludmila and Karol Böhm and an Italian entrepreneur Michele Rinna. In sango, which is CAR’s language, SIRIRI means “peace”.

The first important implemented event took place in May under the name An Evening for Africa in the Czernin Palace, where SIRIRI publicly presented the company in front of more than 300 invited guests under the auspices of the former Minister for Foreign Affairs Cyril Svoboda.

Success in the Competition “Your Help”

SIRIRI won the competition of non-profit organizations and the prize in the amount of CZK 100,000 was intended for the construction of day care centre for orphans in the town of Bozoum.

First trip to CAR

Two representatives of SIRIRI went on a pilgrimage to the Central African Republic in November to hand over the amount of CZK 300,000 (about 30 % of the total cost) for the project of the day care centre in Bozoum; they also discussed the form of cooperation of SIRIRI with missionaries.