The didactic material is ready and teachers are very interested in it. The professional part is done and a new training session will take place in summer 2017. To extend our turnkey program to other schools, we need financial resources and support.



ABC book……2.5 €
Didactic materials……99 €
Interactive courses for 15 Central African teachers……1,400 €


The more money we can generate from donations, the more we can sustain schools, teachers and pupils in the CAR.

We strive to make the majority of the materials in the CAR or in neighbouring countries. The printing of the syllabaries was carried out in 2016 by the Macacos printing plant in Cameroon. We also need to transport the materials created in Prague.


Account for the program ‘Learning through play’ in the CAR : 636631/5500

IBAN CZ 7055 00 00 00 00 00 00 63 66 31



Do you have any further questions?

Ask directly the authors of the program :

Jana Škubalová

  • Director of SIRIRI o.p.s., in 2022 visited the program in CAR


Ludmila Böhmová

  • Initiator of the ‘Learning through play’ program in the CAR and implementer of the seminars for teachers; graduated educationalist, co-founder of SIRIRI