Apprenticeship School for Car Mechanics

The Central African Republic, like lots of other developing countries, suffers from the lack of a middle class of artisans or craftspeople. A large majority of the population only attend a primary school (and even only for a few years) to consequently work in the agricultural sector. Skilled craftspeople are a scarce group. Since there’s often a lack of spare parts, the DIY system and the art of making all from a few things, as well as doing some work of good and reliable quality are highly appreciated.

There’s just one practical school in the Central African Republic, situated in the capital of the country. That’s why SIRIRI decided to support that apprenticeship school for car mechanics.

The project’s origin and development

The construction of the Apprenticeship School for Car Mechanics was provided for by the Mission of the Discalced Carmelites in Baoro which also ensures its functioning. The costs basically cover salaries of teachers, textbooks, maintenance of a vehicle, various tools for classes and workshops, student’s insurance and various expenditures. The students only pay symbolic school fees. They are generally young boys leaving their primary or high school (aged from 18 to 29).

In the first school year 2012/13, 12 students started doing their training course, 9 students finished it and received their diplomas. The education comprises both a theoretical and practical part in a car-repair workshop. Moreover, the students who get their certificate had an opportunity at the end of a school year to learn to drive with passing an exam to have their driving licence. The best students were given a gift, a set of wrenches for car mechanics. In 2013/14, education was interrupted at the school because of some disturbances. But in October 2014, 18 students started again their school year and since that time, some ten students have begun their education at the Apprenticeship School in Baoro. The costs of the school’s functioning amount to 6,000 EUR a year.

In 2024, the project is co-financed by SIRIRI with EUR 4000.

How can you help?

If you want to help Central African students to become car mechanics, you can make, for example, a donation of 30 euros, which corresponds to one schooling month for one student. Contribute to the transparent bank account No. 666646/5500