Support for medics

We think that the support for Central African students – future doctors is the best method of helping the sick in poor area of Central Africa. We think that it is an important step to self-sufficiency and independence of the residents in the Central African Republic.

According to information from 2010 we see that in Central African Republic’s four million resident have only 200 doctors available. With respect to the complicated living situation in CAR and the length of the study, only 20 students complete medical school each year. There is only one medical school in the entire country. So, there are only 20 new doctors each year.

In 2008 SIRIRI decided to support two students of medicine in the form a scholarship – Cédric and Richard. Both of them had excellent study results, but came from poor families, which did not have the resources to support these students any further. It looked like they would have to take a break in their studies or more or less terminate them. This is why SIRIRI decided to support them and pay for their study expenses.


Cédric the nephrologist

In July 2015, Cédric managed to defend his diploma thesis, and thus became a doctor. In 2022, he completed a specialization and became the first nephrologist (specialist in kidney and dialysis treatment) in the Central African Republic, where he immediately began working at a brand new clinic at the main state hospital in Bangui. We follow his steps further with excitement and remain to be in live contact with him.

Richard in ac. year 2015/16 continues in his studies and is preparing his diploma project for defense. Scholarship for Richard is 600 Euros for the entire year (i.e. CZK 1 250 per month).

This project was an inspiration for us to further support college students from other fields – more here.