Multi-purpose building for small animals

The Carmel Agricultural School and its educational farm changed their manager in September 2023. F. Stefano Molon is the best person for this among all our partners, small scale gardening and livestock farming are his great interests and passion.

As he arrived in Bangui, he realised the lack of the existing infrastructure. As a result, the students of the Carmel Agricultural School do not have enough opportunities to learn new techniques of gardening and livestock farming. In addition, the farm cannot be profitable, which is the goal.

Small animals lack a stable. These include: rabbits, turkeys, quails, guinea fowl or pigs. However, it is these livestocks that can be an asset for the school and for the enhancement of the farm. An effort must be made to build livestock buildings that can accommodate these animals.

Existing poultry building

The project consists of:

1/ The construction of a wire fence for poultry: attached to the henhouse, to give an outdoor space, separately, to turkeys, hens, ducks and guinea fowl. It will take 150 meters of good wire mesh and a small foundation wall will be made of stone and cement.

2/ The construction of a spacious rabbit house: for about fifteen females, a few males and a good number of rabbits for fattening. In addition to the adapted building, it will be necessary to build the cages and procure the accessories. There is already a core of rabbit breeding, but they cannot flourish due to lack of space and cages.

3/ The construction of a stable for a breeding of a few hundred quails. In addition to the good flesh, they produce many eggs, which is highly appreciated by local consumers.

The newly created buildings in 2024 will complement the existing building you see in the photos. They will be of a similar style and together they will create enough capacity for raising small animals.

The project was funded by the NGO SIRIRI in 2023 by EUR 16,000.