Emergency Consulting Room in the Surgical Pavilion

Crises, state of health infrastructure and the health of the population of Bangui

Between 2003 and 2013, the Central African Republic was rocked by political and military conflicts. These crises have resulted in numerous losses of life and property. The post-crisis situation is marked by the deterioration of the population’s living conditions and the weakening of the entire health system.  These crises have made it difficult for poor people to access health care.

Located in the intercession of the 3rd and 6th arrondissements of Bangui, the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima found itself at the epicenter of the said crisis. Not only because it was a place of refuge for more than 5000 displaced people in very precarious hygiene and sanitary conditions between December 2013 and February 2017, with almost no space to move, women giving birth on the floor, etc. but also because it has been attacked several times by heavily armed assailants, causing several deaths, injuries and material damage. The latest attack was the terrible attack of May 1, 2018.

The difficulties of transport that have encouraged the proliferation of the motorcycle taxi phenomenon with its share of victims of road accidents and the racketing of patients by certain ill-intentioned health professionals constitute an obstacle to access to care for vulnerable populations (women, children, the elderly and the poor).

Buildings of pharmacy and laboratory as the start of the futur polyclinic

A polyclinic for all, a way to avoid future conflicts

Faced with this challenge, Our Lady of Fatima Parish, through Our Lady of Fatima Association for Development (ANDFD), has made a strong commitment to improve access to healthcare for the population. Thus, the ANDFD set up a pharmacy in December 2020 and a medical analysis laboratory in September 2023, both staffed by qualified health and technical staff.

The two structures are frequented by the inhabitants of the 3rd and 6th arrondissements, enemies of yesterday, and allow everyone to benefit from care and to meet each other in daily life. This would pose a significant obstacle to a an eventuel future conflict.

The project consists of constructing a building for medical use that will be dedicated to the medical-surgical emergency department in Fatima (Bangui, Central African Republic). This building will have four (04) pavilions and a store for equipment. Of these 4 pavilions, the first is funded by the Czech NGO SIRIRI and will be built in 2024: the medical-surgical emergency consultation unit.

In this pavilion with 6 consultation beds and 2 consultation boxes, we will receive all patients regardless of age and sex who present for a medical emergency (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc.) or surgical (road accidents, fractures, hernia crises, etc.). These patients will be consulted and given first aid. These patients will be consulted and given first aid. Depending on their state of health, they will either return home, they will remain under observation or they will be evacuated to specialized centers.

In 2023, SIRIRI contributed 20,000 euros to the financing of this construction.