Rainbow Centre for Orphans

Lots of children of the Central African city of Bozoum lose their parents because of inadequate treatment of diseases, war conflicts or because of AIDS being an infection disease with 6% of the local population. Fortunately, large African families generally receive orphans but because of their poverty and a high number of their own children, they have no means necessary to entirely take care of the orphans (from education to a healthy diet). That’s why the Rainbow Centre for Orphans has teams of educators and attendants looking after those children and bringing them what their welcoming families can’t give them. In particular, this covers the following items:

  • Ensuring and monitoring the children’s schooling;

  • Taking charge of them every day after school;

  • Preparing and giving the children a hot meal;

  • Helping them to study;

  • Offering different sporting activities to them;

  • Teaching them doing basic manual and craft activities
    (sewing, wickerwork, weaving fishing nets, woodwork);

  • Following up the children’s health condition.

The project’s origin and development

The construction of the Centre was completed in 2007. Since that date, the Centre has been permanently operated and receives more than 200 orphan children every year. About a ten of people are employed there (educators, cooks, craftspeople, caretakers), being completed by other external workers. They all are CAR Africans who are given a rare opportunity to have a job with regular salary thanks to the project. Moreover, it’s coherent with our efforts to help Central African people “stand on their own feet”.

Annual cost of the Centre’s operation

The cost of the Centre’s functioning amounts to 20,000 euros and SIRIRI supports 50% thereof. The second half of its needs is settled by an Italian parish. Sharing the finance contributes to the project’s durability, including the case if any of the two organisation wasn’t able to fulfil their obligation.

The table below shows the cost of the Centre’s operation:

11,800 euros


300 euros

Personal hygiene products

100 euros


800 euros


3,600 euros

School fees and costs of educational things

3,400 euros

Salaries (teachers and cooks)

20,000 euros 


In 2024, the project is co-founded by SIRIRI with EUR 5000.

Would you like to support the functioning of the Orphans’ Centre?

Make a donation in the amount you wish to give or the amount supporting particularly one child. The cost of taking charge of one child in the Centre for a period of 6 months is 50 EUR.