Poultry farm in Bozoum

SIRIRI in 2015 decided to support a new pilot project – to establish a small poultry farm at the Lycée St. Augustine High School in Bozoum and thus support students, who would take care of its operations. This is basically an educational project or a “protected workshop”.

The project’s main objective is to teach the students self-sufficiency and thriftiness, help them obtain practical experience in planning, scheduling individual tasks and work, to be aware of the necessity for everyday systematic work leading to improvement of living conditions

Long term poultry farm operations could start a certain level of economic independence from outside help – eggs and meat could be an important source of income from possible sale, but also a factual bonus in feeding the students themselves. Reason being that those coming from more distant cities and during the school year live at the Lycée dormitory in Bozoum have to take care of their own meals.